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Enterprise Request Managent

Compliance, Collaboration and Employee Productivity





Improve Compliance, Collaboration and Employee Productivity with Saas and Enterprise Request Management

In today's tough economic environment, businesses need solutions and tools to increase productivity and manage their assets and provisioning needs. Unfortunately, most small to medium sized businesses struggle with non-compliance, data inaccuracies and unproductive manual data entry when attempting to manage Human Resources,  IT asset management and provisioning processes. With more and more companies allowing employees to work from their home offices, collaboration between employees and HR, IT and Management is becoming increasingly difficult and cumbersome. With the increased use of e-mail and the inability to prioritize requests for information or assets, an application that creates and manages these workflow requests becomes a necessity.
Kwivira BOSS (Business Operations Support Software) vProvisionTM solutions solve these problems. We provide an end-to-end packaged solution, vProvisionTM, designed to streamline the employee on-boarding process, track corporate IT assets and create and manage the workflow requests. Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform ensures customers are up and running quickly and limits service costs for custom solutions. With Kwivira, you can automate the processes for rapidly and efficiently hiring and managing new employees, track provisioned assets, meet compliance standards in your organization and promote collaboration between employees and company divisions.

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Enterprise Request Management

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