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Enterprise Request Management and
EADAN (Event Automation and Data Analysis)


Kwivira changes the way work is done. It provides decision makers with the means to evaluate and augment existing processes making key tasks more accountable and creating the potential for increased reduction in message transaction response times.

 Kwivira the BOSS system is a Web-based request management system that acts as a virtual process manager. It manages multi-tiered tasks such as on-boarding employees, including document processing, provisioning software & hardware, application access and asset assignment all with audit tracking capability.

 Kwivira makes request management key to your organizational productivity without compromising any of your information. You control every aspect of the BOSS experience without having to labor through multiple settings to keep your data secure. There is really no limit to the disciplines which can leverage Boss for improved accountability they are: Human Resources, Information Technology, Procurement, Claims Processing, Commercial and Residential Loan approvals, Administration and Supply Chain Distribution, to name a few. You can auto fullfill task management requests, track/audit each step and run real time reports on results from your browser or mobile device. 

BOSS lets you quickly create a request message database of all your operations support process tasks in whatever form they take - from governance documentation to training certifications, photographs, screenshots, uniforms, all communications devices, and other issued assets and authorizations.  BOSS will keep it all for you and has custom quality reporting tools to let you retrieve it easily and accurately using both our web based and mobile application options. If your organization could use a productivity boost then discover more about Kwivira's offerings by clicking on the links above. Kwivira can also be found on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook. 

Prompted by team Kwivira ’s legacy with IT infrastructure management, we decided to explore the current state of that market and found some interesting data points.

Our research showed that the dominant players had made monitoring too hard, too complicated, and this resulted in a plethora of overpriced offerings. In addition, this complexity spawned the need for extensive services contracts just to get your money’s worth from these products that often became scope overkill for most basic client requirements. So in our view, there seemed to be opportunities to enhance customer choice which led us to the following endeavor: 

We created a more "value-based" solution for this space called EADAN.

It’s designed for IT admins & many users to easily set up & control all of their monitoring needs-  from the basics (i.e.Disk/CPU/Memory-usage) to anything else they want to see- a concept we refer to as “just enough monitoring”.  EADAN  also provides easy to use filters & has options to deal with the unwanted noise, the setting of notifications based on custom criteria, and includes a preconfigured Dashboard showing your default views in many different formats.

All in a cost-effective manner that is not based on the amount of data processed but on what you need and want to see.



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